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In a nutshell, Arthur Rose Associates:
  • Designs and implements processes to satisfy your organization's regional, domestic, and international candidate management requirements. Our processes complement your corporate culture, respect diversity, protect privacy, and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory guidelines.
  • Stresses collaboration with client managers and other internal stakeholders. Communication — and the collaboration it fosters — helps to identify and eliminate duplication of effort, achieve consensus, and ultimately reduces cost per hire.
  • Blends best practices with robust technology to expedite talent sourcing and acquisition. With technology embedded into our processes, practices are executed uniformly and redundancies are avoided.
  • Consistently achieves hard dollar cost savings for our clients, significantly offsetting our fees.

We wear many hats
Arthur Rose is sufficiently versatile and flexible to fully satisfy a range of client needs. We'll accommodate your peaks and valleys, and we'll supply the talent — whenever and wherever you need it. We can think of many situations that would benefit from our involvement. Continue with what we do >>

How we do it
Our solutions primarily address three key areas of your organization's hiring/staffing function: Framework, Focus, and Enablers. Continue with how we do it >>

Three key elements of a successful engagement:
communication, planning & metrics. Continue with key elements>>

An opportunity to showcase our talents
Arthur Rose Associates is enabling a major pharmaceutical company to meet its significant candidate management challenges. Our involvement encompasses sourcing on a global scale. We have assembled and directed a cohesive team of consultants, sourcing specialists, contract recruiters, and schedulers, crafted a recruiting plan that contains measurable milestones, and established meaningful metrics and reports. Team members meet regularly to exchange information and monitor progress. Success is measured on an ongoing basis in real — time — not at the end of the engagement. Continue with our roles >>



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