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Three key elements of a successful engagement:
communication, planning & metrics

Keeping the lines of communication open
Inadequate communication impedes decision making. By meeting on a weekly basis, the key stakeholders are able to share candidate information and resource planning needs. Any opportunities or obstacles are generally identified during the course of these meetings and, if necessary, quickly escalated to management.

Underscoring the importance of a recruiting plan
The Recruiting Plan crafted by Arthur Rose Associates contains a series of sequential steps, as follows:

  • Client manager identifies open position.
  • Contract recruiter and client manager meet to define requirements.
  • Job posted on client web site.
  • Sourcing team activated.
  • Contract recruiter sources as needed.
  • Stakeholders communicate.
  • Progress is tracked and reported on.
  • Schedulers are activated.

Metrics make a difference
A series of targeted metrics and reports lets stakeholders know where we've been and where we're heading. Arthur Rose Associates has developed weekly tracking reports that detail:

  • Open positions by contract recruiter
  • Filled positions by contract recruiter
  • Number of candidates submitted by position, by contract recruiter
  • Number candidates interviewed by position, by contract recruiter

We've also instituted weekly focus reports that direct sourcing efforts based on the results and progress of each search.

Evaluating success in real-time allows us to answer the following questions:

  • How many openings do we have in a given department now?
  • How many candidates have been interviewed for a specific position?
  • How many offers have been extended/accepted?
  • Which sourcing channels have been successful?


  What & how we do it

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