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Forecast staffing requirements, formulate recruitment strategies, and develop structured, comprehensive recruitment plans that address regional, national, and global candidate management issues and respect diversity.

Design a sourcing approach tailored to meet your candidate management needs and align with your budget. We ensure ongoing sourcing of qualified candidates through:
* Campus partnerships
* Job fairs
* Web-based postings
* Print media advertising
* Incentive-based employee referral programs

Screening & Scheduling
Implement a process that filters sourced applicants and delivers viable candidates to internal hiring managers. This process includes:
* Candidate screening
* Reference checking/employment verification
* Scheduling, conducting, and documenting interviews
* Candidate coaching/career counseling

Develop and implement a targeted selection process to evaluate candidates quickly and effectively.

Leverage our negotiating skills to bring talent on board under terms that are favorable to candidates and internal stakeholders alike.

Maintain contact with candidates and provide encouragement to them from the point they accept an offer up to and including their first month on board. This keeps them focused on working for you and sustains their enthusiasm.

Measuring success
Develop and implement metrics and reporting capabilities that provide meaningful quantitative data on the effectiveness of your organization's candidate management efforts. This will enable you to evaluate what you put into the process against what you get out of it, so you can see what's working and how well it's working as well as what's not working or where improvement is indicated.

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