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What's in our toolkit?
Unlike many other firms that specialize in candidate management best practices, Arthur Rose Associates does not have a proprietary software application. We consider this an advantage. Why? Because while most of these tools can be customized, it is not always possible to customize them to the degree necessary to satisfy a client's unique requirements. You wind up having to "force-fit" the application, which tends to diminish its effectiveness. Arthur Rose Associates doesn't want to be "boxed in" by a proprietary application. We don't want to be in the position of forcing a tool on our clients because it's the only one in our toolbox. So rather than encumbering ourselves with a proprietary application, we've researched the market to identify the best tools available and forged alliances with the companies that make them. This enables us to offer our clients far more versatility and to pick and choose tools that provide the best fit. Since our people know how to use the technology, they're able to teach our clients how to use it.



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