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Candidate management best practices defined
What exactly do we mean by "candidate management best practices?" How do we work with our clients? And what do our clients stand to gain?

Candidate management is typically not a core competency for most companies. But having the best possible workforce is essential if a company wants to be a contender in today's volatile global marketplace. How can an organization compete if its in-house sourcing, hiring, training, and integrating capabilities are not up to the challenge? By strategically outsourcing all or part of its candidate management functions to a specialist.

Arthur Rose Associates is a resource companies can turn to for any or all of their candidate management needs. We have an in-depth understanding of the inherent risks and obstacles to effective candidate management, and we leverage our insight — acquired over decades of experience — to deal with these issues in a proactive, meaningful way.

Our candidate management philosophy
Arthur Rose Associates took a long, hard look at the way companies have traditionally approached candidate management. We were struck by the amount of time that HR managers tended to spend doing routine tasks. In fact, they devote so much time to the "nuts and bolts" of candidate management that the more strategic issues — defining requirements and designing jobs to satisfy them, anticipating staffing needs, sitting down with applicants to determine if they "fit" within the corporate culture, and ensuring that offers are attractive without straining budget parameters — often fall by the wayside.
It seemed only natural to us that HR managers would welcome the intervention of a candidate management specialist to assume their day-to-day responsibilities and duties and allow them to concentrate their energies on strategic decision-making.


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