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Arthur Rose Associates serves the Tri-State area from our headquarters location in midtown Manhattan at 420 Lexington Avenue. Our main focus is on the Pharmaceutical, Consumer Products, Media, Telecommunications, and Financial Services industries.

What sets us apart
Just to set the record straight, Arthur Rose Associates is not an employment agency. Nor are we a search firm, and we're certainly not a headhunter. Depending on client demands and the composition of the talent pool at any given time, we may work with agencies, search firms and the like, but our role is very different. Continue with who we are >>

Talent is the lynchpin
Do your organization's candidate management practices dovetail with the overall strategic goals and objectives of your business? More specifically, is your investment in talent paying off? Continue with our capabilities >>

Flexibility + versatility = viability
Arthur Rose Associates recognizes that "one size does not fit all." Company "A" and Company "B" may be as different as night and day. They are likely to have different goals, strategic objectives, corporate cultures, client bases, candidate requirements, and operating budgets. Continue with our approach >>

Our people
Anthony A. (Tony) Cuiffo, President and Founder of Arthur Rose Associates
Amy Schwenck, Director of Operations



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