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Flexibility + versatility = viability
We design our services with built-in flexibility to accommodate the diverse needs of our client companies. We also invite our clients to choose the services they desire from a menu of options. For example, you may want Arthur Rose Associates to assume full-scale responsibility for candidate management. Alternatively, you might prefer that we play a narrower role, possibly supplementing or supporting internal candidate management specialists. We have the capability to handle every facet of candidate management, but if a client doesn't require a "total solution" approach, we are prepared to handle individual components of candidate management: the scope of our involvement depends on the client. Arthur Rose Associates is committed to matching the skill/experience profiles of our consultants with the requirements of our clients, and we can assure you that every consultant we assign will be an asset to your organization.

Our standing offer to you
To get to the root of your organization's problems, we'll meet with you informally — at no charge — for an in-depth exploratory discussion. If you're expecting a routine, superficial consultation, you're in for a pleasant surprise. We'll ask some questions to jump start the discussion. But your answers are what's really important since our intent is to develop an understanding of the problems you are encountering on a day-to-day basis and identify the results you are trying to achieve. We want to know what needs to happen in order to increase your organization's productivity and profitability.

One way to understand how our consultations work is to envision peeling an onion. We gather evidence layer by layer, starting with the surface and probing deeper as new evidence emerges. For each piece of evidence we uncover we'll look at its impact on your business. Naturally, the kind of in-depth exploration we do takes time, but we're more than willing to make the investment to build a relationship with a future client. If, at the end of the exploratory session, we feel we can't help you — perhaps because your problems can be solved internally, or maybe they are not candidate management issues after all-we'll be on our way. If the latter scenario applies, we'll see if we can recommend a firm with the expertise you require. And we'll encourage you to reach out for us in the future if you should identify a candidate management need.

Q's & A's
When we sit down with you we're not going to waste your time by asking questions arbitrarily or at random. We'll pose a series of probing questions designed to elicit meaningful responses. Since your answers are what's important, we have to be sure that our questions are thought-provoking and generate insightful responses. Maybe you've looked at things in a certain light up until now. Perhaps you've never thought that this or that issue might be a factor worth considering. We'll help you see the whole picture. Then we can drill down to its various components. Above all, we'll listen. We don't have a prepared script. Each response you provide guides the next question we ask, not the other way around.


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