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Who we are
Arthur Rose Associates is a professional Candidate Management Boutique. Why a boutique and not a department store? Because we take the time to find out exactly what our clients' needs are, and then we build solutions specifically targeted to address them. In other words, our clients' unique requirements drive the design of our candidate management practices.

In today's parlance, you could say that candidate management best practices is our "sweet spot." Unlike many other firms that claim to "do what we do," we steer clear of canned solutions. Sure, we could use them if we wanted to. It's certainly easier to employ a "one size fits all" approach. But "mass-produced" solutions, including those where technology is involved, are simply not built to satisfy unique organizational needs. Consequently, they often leave glaring gaps that can't always be filled in "later on." We craft our solutions to fit into the framework of the client organization as precisely as the interlocking pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

ARA has painstakingly assembled a group of professionals with in-depth experience in all facets of the candidate management equation. Our staff consists of experts in a number of areas. We have people whose specialty is researching and assessing candidate management-related methods and procedures, available tools, and technology-based systems. Other members of our staff are highly skilled in formulating customized solutions that precisely fit the client’s needs. Still others have the project management and implementation experience required to ensure a seamless transition from environment to environment. In addition, our group of seasoned Contract Recruiters, Sourcing Specialists, and Schedulers assists clients post-implementation should they elect to outsource these functions to us and/or require interim support during peak demand periods.

We encourage our clients to think of ARA as a candidate management talent bank. Like a bank, we offer a number of services, enabling clients to choose the ones that work best for them. And, because our services are designed to maximize efficiency, eliminate redundancy, and produce the desired results, when clients retain us they invariably reap impressive returns on their investment.


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